Subsequent to their Top 6 appearance on Season 1 of the hit cooking TV show ‘My Kitchen Rules: South Africa’ the brotherhood formed between Oginga Siwundla and Gomotsegang Modiselle, affectionately known as OG and G, gave birth to The Hot Skillet.

Their light-hearted humor and humble nature that made them fan favorites are what fuels the grills and passion behind this art-infused establishment in the Cape Town CBD.

70 -74 Bree Street

Cape Town, 8001
Open Monday - Saturday

 8am to 5pm


062 715 1873



Also open in the evenings for special events

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Chef G.​  - HEAD CHEF

Gomogetsang Modiselle also affectionately known as “G” is the Head Chef and co-owner of The Hot Skillet.


“G” got introduced into the food business at a very young age. Him working at his father’s butchery was where his interest and passion for food was sparked.

“G” began his formal Chef career as a sculler and in a short period of time, his passion and hard work got noticed and quickly worked his way up the ranks.


He has since worked as a Sous Chef at The Life Grand Beach, Pepenaro and Tigers Milk to name a few.


There is no doubt that Gomotsegang is a man that loves and appreciates good food.



Oginga Siwundla, also know as OG by his close pears co-founded The Hot Skillet with his partner and brother-in-law Gomotsegang Modiselle. 

With more than a decade in the corporate environment; OG decided to take his experience to work on his business which allowed him to explore his passion for food.  

After entering the first season of My Kitchen Rules SA, OG and G decided to take the journey to another level by opening the door to a new chapter and restaurant called the Hot Skillet.



Patricia Tolla was born and raised in Nelspruit Mpumalanga where she completed matric at Lowveld High School.


Her interests have always been in food, sports, arts & culture and music.


After moving to Cape Town to complete her degree in Marketing and business management she fell in love with the mother city and its beautiful food scene. Her love for food has inspired her to become a culinarian and a restaurateur.

Ephraim Kusotera- KITCHEN MANAGER


Ephriam Kusotera comes from a small town called Chivhuin Zimbabwe which is 140km away from Harare.

Ephriam moved to Cape Town in 2011 and had multiple temp jobs, in 2016 he worked at the Piano Bar as a bar back for a year. During that time he developed an interest in food.

He joined The Hot Skillet in 2018 as a sculler and has ever since loved playing and experimenting with food.

Since joining  The Hot Skillet Ephriam has been working closely with Chef G to produce some of The Hot Skillets delicious meals.